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Storm DAMAGE Cleanup
In Santa Cruz & Surrounding Areas

Storm damage cleanup can be tedious, extremely time-consuming, and even dangerous. A variety of storms can cause hazardous trees to fall and cause significant damage to your property and unsightly mess in your yard. Whether you’re in the midst of a rain storm, hail storm or experiencing high winds due to sudden weather changes, trees that are decayed, dying, or already dead are more prone to falling during extreme weather conditions. This is why property owners who have potentially hazardous trees should take preventative action to have them removed before the bad weather strikes again.

Our certified team is your go-to option when you need a storm damage cleanup, debris removal services, or emergency tree care. We have enough manpower and equipment to safely handle any size and type of storm cleanup project that you might have.

Some of the types of storm damage cleanup that we typically handle are:

  • Uprooting and leaning tree removal
  • Tangled trees remediation
  • Trimming broken and compromised branches
  • Fallen tree cleanup
  • Debris cleanup , and more

Please schedule your free storm cleanup consultation and we will be happy to walk your property with you and come up with a plan to safely cleanup your property from the storm damage.

Storm Cleanup in Santa Cruz
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