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Tree pruning is the process of maintaining your trees and can be done in order to accomplish a variety of different goals, which are mainly related to safety, health of the tree, aesthetics, or all of the above.

Some of the different objectives that you can accomplish by pruning your trees are:

  • Reducing the risk of tree branch failure
  • Maintaining the health and well-being of a tree
  • Improving an appearance of a tree
  • Improving the surrounding view

The best time to prune the trees is from late fall to early spring because trees have entered into their dormant state of non-growth. It is best to trim your trees during their dormant state because it allows trees to take full advantage of the full growth season. It also minimizes the risk of pest problems and tree diseases.

Some of the different pruning techniques that we offer are:

  • Crown cleaning: Removing dead, diseased and compromised branches
  • Crown thinning:  Removing certain branches to improve structure and light, crown cleaning
  • Crown raising: Removing lower branches of a tree to provide clearance of vehicles and buildings
  • Vista pruning: Pruning tree to create more of a view
  • Crown reduction: Pruning to reduce the overall size of a tree

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